F&V Slider Video Review

F&V is known for incredible LED lighting tools, but they also offer several other gear solutions for filmmakers like the F&V slider. In this video review I take a look at F&V’s S100A 35″ slider. If you are interested to see more reviews on gadgets and digital cameras we recommend the guys from NRR.

Video Review

F&V S100A Slider Review from Caleb Pike on Vimeo.

fv-sliderF&V Sliders

Product Details

  • Thicker, stronger, stainless steel guide rail
  • Made of Aluminum Alloy
  • Adjustable Terrain Legs
  • Offset Mounting Plate
  • Multiple Mounting Thread Locations

Get yours at F&V Lighting.

Pros and Cons

  • Several length options
  • Affordable
  • Strong
  • Great all terrain feet
  • Lock knob is fragile
  • Not many mounting options for monitors and stands

Should You Buy It? Yes

I would say this Slider lands right in the middle of slider options. It isn’t as nice as Kesslers or the Shark S1, but it isn’t nearly as expensive as those options. And it is a little better than the konova sliders in the same price range with the exception of the carriage lock issue I mentioned.


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